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AV1020series Inground Car Lift Image
AV1020series Inground Car Lift
The AV1020series EnviroLift® with patented AquaVantage™ Technology uses compressed air and tap water instead of electrical motors and hydraulic oil, making i... Read More
EV1020 Inground Car Lifts Image
EV1020 Inground Car Lifts
Inground car lifts with superior arm sweep, the widest drive-thru in the industry plus more service bays (smaller footprint than surface car lifts) means even more revenue. EV1020 EnviroLift™ cassette-style inground lifts meet all the ... Read More
EV1520 Heavy Duty Inground Lifts Image
EV1520 Heavy Duty Inground Lifts
Challenger is the exclusive manufacturer of the only 15,000 lb. capacity heavy duty inground lifts in the market. The EV1520 Heavy-Duty arms are engineered to lift heavier commercial vehicles and require less shop space than heavy-duty t... Read More

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